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Theme I. The New Beginning

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March.23.2009. [Monday] | 02.00 a.m.
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posted by: project_judges in projectcandybar

Ready for the Challenge?
“Who will become the next Candybar fashion designer?”

You have just completed the first {Runway}. What follows {Runway} is {Challenge}, an optional task designed to encourage contestants to try something fun and new while giving them a bit of breathing room. In the show Project Runway, the winning designer of the week's runway is granted immunity for the following week. Immunity, translated in Project Candybar, can be both Safe Pass (i.e. No elimination) and Bonus Points. If the contestant's score for the previous {Runway} is 8.0+ out of 10, he/she will not be eliminated for the following {Photoshoot}. Otherwise it will be a 2.0 bonus point applied to the score of {Runway}. This is to prevent designers from submitting a bad photograph and getting away with elimination just because they won the {Challenge}.

While {Challenge} is an optional task, it is always a good idea to try it as often as you can. It will prove to the judges how serious and dedicated you are to the competition. The judges, in turn, will also have a more complete picture of your progress and give you more constructive, helpful advices on your strengths and weaknesses. The extra 2.0 points on {Runway}, when weighted with {Photoshoot} to determine who will be eliminated, becomes a whole 10% bonus on your final score -- this will certainly make a difference!

So what is this great Challenge, you ask?
For the Theme I: The New Beginning, it is…

Image Mirrored.

“In the previous task {Runway}, your model showed a look that best represented yourself. Now, the designers will also wear the same style of the outfit and pose alongside the model. Feel free to use the same doll as the {Runway}. The Designer can wear the exact same outfit, or the same outfit with different colours, or similar outfits with slight variation -- it is up to you. You may include a background but it is not necessary.”

“With {Challenge} there will be no deadline extension, as it is an optional task. You may submit your picture till March 30, 2009 (Midnight)!”

Judge panel's words will be delivered after {Challenge} is over.

P.s. While this is optional, I encourage you all to take part in this one, because I would like to have matching styles/outfits for your icon! ^^

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from: rosaelena258
date: March.29.2009. [Sunday] 06.25 p.m. (UTC)
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Here's Philon. Sorry it took forever!!! I forgot to upload it forever!!

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from: ohkidneys
date: March.31.2009. [Tuesday] 02.26 a.m. (UTC)
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