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Theme I. Half-Point Results.

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April.9.2009. [Thursday] | 11.59 p.m.
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Self Judgments!
“Who will become the next Candybar fashion designer?”

Greetings, everyone!

I have the results from your {Runway} and {Challenge}! Before we get to that though, there are a few things I need to address to you all.

First and foremost I would like to introduce you to another familiar face from Project Candybar’s Big Sister competition… the ever-enchanting Wren Berry! She is the fun-spirited and fashion-forward judge from Candybar’s Next Top Model. She is another semi-permanent judge sitting on the Project Judge Panel, along with Bethany Turtle. Here in the picture, she is dressed in a soft lime trench coat from Burberry and dual-toned pumps from Chanel — a classic British style to mirror Pierra’s own fashion.

Now, I would like to point out a few things regarding the {Challenges}. When the half-point results are announced, sometimes your submission photographs will be merged together, depending on the task. In such cases the final picture that shows up in the result posts is the merged version, even though the judges’ remarks will be directly on the original {Runway} submission. Take a look at Philon’s picture, for example. You will also see how beneficial it is to take part in {Challenges} later when your points are announced.

Anxious to see what the Project judges have to say? Be patient… ^^


Vivian Dane portraying Caleb Aden

“My style is representative of punk… maybe pseudo-punk. It’s very nineties, and has hints of indie and goth here and there. I love mixing black with splashes of other colours, and I lovelovelove making the most out of accessories. Usually I’d dress a girl in a skirt or dress, but because this is supposed to be representative of ~my own~ style, I sort of went a little in-between.”

Mona: Really, Caleb? A tie? Baggy cargo pants? A wristband? Did I knock my head and wake up in a Hot Topic in 2003? I think you have a lot of potential, but I’m not seeing it at all here. I understand that you have a punkish aesthetic, but it’s possible to merge that with a more high fashion edge. You need to be looking at designers like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen for inspiration, not… Avril Lavigne.
Pierra: A commercial punk, huh? I agree with Wren on the interpretation of punk and how it could have been represented in this setting. Remember to find your unique, artistic niche! A good first attempt though.
Otto: No, no, no. There are two things that are terribly wrong about this. ONE: Punk? Not a chance. I see that you are trying to be edgy, but this is the opposite of edgy. This is edgy like a basket full of puppies. Puppies playing with tennis balls! I am almost offended by how inoffensive this outfit is. TWO: I am pretty sure I could go to WalMart right now and buy this whole outfit. Maybe not the belt. I think maybe studs might be a little too hardcore for WalMart. I mean, it is not all negative. I think it is good she is wearing pants. As a designer you always need to listen to your voice, and if your voice is telling you pants, you make pants! It seems like your voice has a lot of interesting things to say, so listen to it. Unless it keeps telling you to use seafoam green.
Wren: I really like punk styles! I think they’re cute. However, to be really punk, you have to understand what punk is. It is an anti-pop culture movement. What I honestly see here isn’t uniqueness, I see a pop-teen idol like Avril Lavigne. It’s not really punk or goth but more skater-rock influenced. I know she says she’s punk… but come on. How punk can a mainstream, commercially driven, corporately funded entity be? If you usually dress a girl in a skirt or dress, why wouldn’t you do that here? I think if you usually do something, that something is probably more representative of your own style. I would’ve rather seen a skirt/dress in this circumstance, because at least that would’ve been something fresh and different. And if you like to make the most out of accessories, you should show us that by using them in unique ways that really show us how creative and punk/goth you can be! I also think that going “in-between” has diluted your work here a teensy bit. Don’t settle for in-between, by all means, go all out!


Kora Lentila portraying Brandon Walker

“She’s an angel with an attitude, yeah? My style is all about making the ‘simple’ really out-there and I tend towards the avant-garde — so yeah, you could say she's wearing a dress and a belt if you really wanted to, but I like to draw the eye with odd details and a hint of skin. I guess you could say Brandon Walker's style is the style of the future, ha ha ha.”

Wren: I love your description of your style, and you’ve really pulled-off exactly that! This is a very modern, very artsy kind of bohemian meets the city look. I dislike the boots though, I think they shout a little too loudly and overtake the small odd details that you’re intending to show. I really enjoy this piece and I think you’ve got a really grounded and articulate style here that's simple and interesting at the same time.
Mona: This is kind of cool, it’s interesting. I would have styled it differently, because I don’t like the boots or the belt at all, but the dress itself is pretty neat. On the runway right now, it looks kind of crazy and avant-garde, but I can actually see this translating into real life. Good job! I’m interested to see what you’ll come up with in the future.
Otto: What I like about this is how it’s chaste in a sexy way. Almost like a nun with eyeliner and three-inch heels might be. The same kind of thing. It's safe but it’s playing around being dangerous. I have problems with the styling here. The belt is uninspiring. It’s just hanging out all droopy, and there are very few absolute rules in fashion, but I’m pretty sure one of them is to avoid droopy at all thoughts. The earrings too. Not droopy, but I feel like she wore them here today and forgot to take them off. And those boots are horrid. I was going to say something about the length of the dress because you could have taken it either way by making it longer or shorter but instead it’s settled somewhere in the middle, right around bathrobe. But right now I think it might be the boots that are making the dress look weird. I would love to see this with some kind of badass lace-up-Grecian-gladiator-stiletto. But overall I really love it! I’m excited to see where you’re going to go in this competition.
Pierra: I am loving this! It is modern and classy yet freestyle at the same time. I love the mix of crisp, industrial white and black. I like the idea of boots because I feel like other types of shoes would’ve been too boring (a ballet flat or classic stiletto pair would be too plain). Perhaps a tighter pair with ties, like a stylized construction worker’s boots? Or with a pair of Grecian-gladiator-stiletto like Otto just mentioned. Balenciaga baby! My one complaint is that the belt is sitting too low, cutting your legs short.


Siena Strauss portraying Philon Stien

“Feminine with a flair of modern, Philon Stien to the core.”

Pierra: I think your outfit got somewhat lost in translation when it went from a male to female. This exact outfit would have been a lot more interesting on Philon than on Siena. It seems to fall flat on a female model because it is not characteristic enough one way or another to really set it apart. The most interesting part of your outfit to me is the futuristic, metallic texture combined with more traditionally feminine details on your top. And the bright lemon yellow of course!
Otto: It’s cute and it’s very current. It bothers me a little bit that she’s not wearing pants. If we were at Fashion Week right now, the front row would be getting a very different kind of show, and I would not be very excited about that. But that’s just preference. For styling, I think something on her head would tie everything together. A bow or ribbon or even a little hat. This is a very good starting point for you. Make sure you build on it! Take the idea you have in your head and then make it bigger. Very good.
Mona: I like this and I don’t. I think it fits with your feminine/modern description, and it’s certainly not awful, but… it’s just kind of leaving me cold. This is essentially your first chance to make an impression on us, to really make a splash and this is so… ready to wear. If that’s what you want to do, that’s fine, I’m not going to knock it, but I agree with Otto that you needed to make it bigger. I don’t know. I like the yellow; that counts for something, right?
Wren: I would love a more descriptive point of view of your style, because I’m not exactly sure what you are going for. Yes it is feminine and modern… but is that all? Is that all there really is to it? The top is really beautiful, and the golden accents really add a lot to the entire thing. In fact, if it weren’t for those accents, I wouldn’t think very much of this at all. Except for the top, I would imagine this could be something worn by a college student to class. You are lucky your model has such an interesting look, because I also think that this outfit could be slightly blasé if worn by someone else. The whole ensemble looks nice and pretty… but nice and pretty just doesn’t hold water. I really don’t get a sense of who you are.


Eija Pentti portraying Emily Fitz

Otto: Oh, this is fun! I love the contrast of the sweet vest with the off-shoulder top, and you’re working with a great palette. The earrings actually pull my attention away from Eija’s lovely face and they don’t add anything to the outfit, and the shoes make me want to take a nap. But this is a very strong look! The tiny bow is my favorite part.
Wren: This is very interesting look! I love the vest with the little ribbon, and your colour palette is beautiful! I see a lot of vintage styles out there these days and I would say that this fits very well with vintage inspired pieces. A faux vintage if you will. Nothing is perfect though, especially this early in the game, and I think this could have benefited from a small amount of detail, such as a little embroidered image in the corner, or an accessory other than those earrings. In fact, those earrings aren’t working here either. Something more subtle in your jewellery, let your designs speak for themselves! And what’s this… you’re the only one who didn’t say much at all about what it is you’re going for… yet I have a very strong sense of your style and how you work just from looking at this piece! Very well done indeed!
Pierra: Emily, you are one classy lady. And Eija did a brilliant job portraying just that. I love the use of grey undertone in your pieces — it really brought out the vintage feel of the whole ensemble. I also love the mixture of conservative and modern cuts, and the addition of tiny little bow just to tie it all up. I do wish you were wearing shoes in a different colour, but that is just me, being a ‘match-matcher’. Yes I am aware that it is not the proper use of that word.
Mona: I’m a little less enthusiastic about this than the others, and I think it’s because it’s a little bit boring to me. I think the vest is lovely, and a cool piece on its own, but the color and the shirt and the skirt and the shoes all together are just so… I don’t know, conservative and predictable. Does that make sense? If you had gone for some wilder shoes or a short skirt or something, I think I would be into this more. It’s a beautiful outfit, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really make me want to sit up and pay attention.


Now here are your half-point scores. These scores, combined with the {Photoshoot} points in a 50-50 split, will determine who will be eliminated from the Project.

“Top of the group, with a smashing 8.375 out of 10 is Philon Stien. Philon, your original {Runway} score was 6.375. However you were the only one who completed the {Challenge} in a more creative way, thus making you its Winner. Since your {Runway} score was below 8.0 you have received additional 2.0 points instead of immunity. But look! You are now sitting at the top. See how even little bit of hard work can make a huge difference? ^^ Great job, Philon!”

“In second place, with a brilliant 8.25 out of 10 is Brandon Walker. Keep up the brilliant work!”

“Next up, with 7.875/10 is Emily Fitz. Thank you for submitting your {Challenge} photo; it was great but not creative enough. Smashing job overall!”

“Then we have Caleb Aden. Caleb, your score was only 5.125 out of a possible 10. The judges were disappointed with your interpretation of punk, however we have faith in you. Step up, ‘cause you can do it!”

“I am afraid to tell you that Claudia Strauss and Christian Sorensen have received 0 point for failing to complete the task.”


I hope you enjoyed it! Your {Photoshoot} will be presented shortly ^^

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