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Theme I. The New Beginning

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April.10.2009. [Friday] | 10.10 a.m.
Moody Moment: artisticartistic
posted by: project_judges in projectcandybar

This! Is! H.D.A.!
“Who will become the next Candybar fashion designer?”

We are now about to wrap up the first {Theme} of the project — The New Beginning. Next up is {Photoshoot}, a mandatory task. This task is similar to the Photoshoots in other Candybar competitions. They require the model to showcase creative garments in an interesting, non-standard pose. The photoshoot must take place in an artistic, relevant backdrop. There will be an elimination after {Photoshoot}. All submissions will be hidden till the elimination ceremony (i.e. screened comments).

You were given your scores from {Runway}. They account for 50% of the Final Grade that will decide who will be eliminated. If your result was not stellar, no worries — you can improve your score here! Continuing the concept of self representation, your {Photoshoot} will be…

Road Not Taken.

“You are all aspiring fashion designers with great future. But the judges are interested in your other dreams. Where would you be 5 years from now… if you are not a fashion designer? What are your other career choices? Give the judges a brief explanation of why the profession you have chosen would be your second career option. (They can be other positions within fashion industry.)”

“This is a more demanding task, so your deadline is April 25, 2009. See you all in the boardroom!”

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from: rosaelena258
date: April.17.2009. [Friday] 12.20 a.m. (UTC)
Behind the Show

So...in the case that my designer is male and the model is female, I would be creating female clothes to represent what my male designer would wear only if he were female and not a designer?

Because what he wears and what he puts on his lady types are totally different...

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from: pierrelle
date: April.17.2009. [Friday] 12.37 a.m. (UTC)
Behind the Show

Good point. I would say that your model should be wearing the female version. If you really want to represent the male version though, you could include your designer in that outfit next to the model (or something similar) ^^

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