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Theme I. The New Beginning

March.6.2009. [Friday] | 06.00 p.m.
posted by: project_judges in projectcandybar

This! Is! Project!
Project Cycle I. Theme I. The New Beginning.Collapse )

P.s. Your personalized icon will be presented after Makeover Task!
P.p.s. The Premiere of Watchmen! What did you guys wear?

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Competition has started!

February.17.2009. [Tuesday] | 11.57 p.m.
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posted by: pierrelle in projectcandybar

Welcome to the Project Candybar!
Who will become the next Candybar fashion designer?Collapse )

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Frequently Asked Questions?!

July.7.2008. [Monday] | 12.00 a.m.
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posted by: pierrelle in projectcandybar

F.A.Q. and the competition procedures will be announced on February 15th!

Promoting the Community...

+ Application Form +

More Banners this way.Collapse )

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Rules & Guidelines

November.27.2007. [Tuesday] | 11.27 p.m.
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posted by: project_judges in projectcandybar

Here are the rules and guidelines of Project Candybar. It is imperative that you read the Community Rules before becoming a part of the competition.

1. Candybar dolls only.
All runway/challenge/photoshoot submissions must be Candybar dolls and no other doll type. The recommended file extension of your doll is Portable Network Graphic (.PNG).

2. All work must be your own.
Your end results should be yours and yours only. However feel free to reach out for help and advice from other Candybar addicts!

3. One application per cycle.
Submit only 1 designer and 1 model per each cycle. The elimination is in effect till the end of that cycle. Applying under multiple aliases simultaneously will result in immediate elimination and permanent ban from the project.

4. No facial ‘surgery’ during the cycle!
The general shapes of your model's features must stay the same. Eyes and lips can be edited depending on the expression, however the judges must be able to recognize it as a same person.

5. Stay classy.
Be polite to other contestants. In-Character Drama is welcome. Out-of-Character conflict, however, is not. Bring on drama only when it is clearly understood that it is an In-character situation. Being eliminated is not an excuse for rude behaviours.

6. Respect the deadlines.
The world's top supermodel Gisele Bündchen is known for being punctual and prepared. Why shouldn't you? If you need extra time, give the judges an 24-hour notice.

7. What a judge says, goes.
While fellow contestants (and sometimes viewers) may share their thoughts on the photoshoots, only opinions of the judge panel will be taken into consideration for every verdict.

8. Mingle @ Château de Candy.
For character interaction and role-playing, please visit projectchateau.

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Project Round I: Application

August.23.2007. [Thursday] | 08.23 a.m.
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posted by: project_judges in projectcandybar

Welcome, aspiring designers!
As of June 18 2008, the Application round of Project Candybar is OPEN.

* Instruction
   1. With the exception of Basic Profile, answer the questions with brief explanation.
   2. Under Candy Designs, show us images of, or give us links to:
      (1) Doll of your Designer
      (2) Doll of your Model
      (3) Your Model in 2008 Summer/Beachwear

Project Round I: Application

.: B A S I C . P R O F I L E :.
Name [Designer|Model]:
Birthday [Designer|Model]:
Age [Designer|Model]:

.: F A S H I O N I S T A :.
Favorite Designer:
Favorite Clothing Brand:
Describe your favorite outfit.
What inspires your personal style?
Which fashion era in history do you wish you lived in?

.: F A V O U R I T E S :.
Music Genre(s)/Artist(s):
Famous Quotation(s):

.: L I F E . S T Y L E :.
List your hobbies and describe them.
Who is your role model?
Tell us about your designing experience.
Why do you think you should win Project Candybar?
Describe your personality.

.: C A N D Y . D E S I G N S :.
(1) The Designer
(2) The Model
(3) 2008 Summer/Beachwear

Copy/paste the following in the Comment box. Feel free to divide the application in multiple comments should the length exceed.

* Deadline for applications is July 7, 2008.
** All applications will remain screened till announced.

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